Monday, December 10, 2012

Project #23-26: Pinteresting Thanksgiving

Well, it's partway into Hanukkah and I still haven't told you about Thanksgiving. Clearly, that will not do. So I'm going to throw it all at you at once. Like a food fight. Only cleaner.

First up, Portabello Wellingtons! Thanksgiving is tricky in a Kosher home, because we can't have any dairy in the meal if we have a turkey. Any dairy. No butter. No cream. No cheese. I can't imagine a turkey so delicious it is worth forgoing butter and cheese in a holiday meal. So, I was on the search for an exciting vegetarian alternative. These mushroom and cheese filled puff pastry pockets certainly fit the bill.

To make these wellingtons, a lightly seasoned and sauteed mixture of chopped mushrooms, shallots, spinach, and garlic is mixed with shredded cheese and stuffed into a roasted portobello cap. Then the stuffed mushroom is wrapped in puff pastry and baked. 

These were pretty good. The puff pastry was the least good part. I really think these would have been better without the pastry at all. The filling was savory and delicious, but not strongly-flavored enough to stand up to all that pastry. Next time, I'll just make stuffed portabello caps. 

Supply List:
-Portabello Mushrooms $3.49 Whole Foods
-White mushrooms $1.99 Whole Foods
-Spinach $3.99 Whole Foods
-Gruyere $15.32 Whole Foods
-Shallots $2.99 Stop & Shop
-Puff Pastry $6.59 Stop & Shop
-Garlic (already had)
-Olive oil (already had)
-Red pepper flakes (already had)

Total: $34.37

Next up: Chipotle mashed sweet potatoes!

This was the simplest dish I made all day, which of course means I screwed it up. All you have to do is cook some sweet potatoes (I microwaved mine), mash with a little butter and salt, then add a tablespoon of adobo sauce. See? Simple.

Well, when I tasted them I didn't taste any adobo at all and threw in another spoonful before I'd so much as swallowed. Did you know adobo really creeps up on you? By the time I felt the burn I'd already mixed the second spoonful in. These were so spicy we could barely eat them. Oops. 

Supply List:
-Sweet potatoes $1.98 Stop & Shop
-Chipotles in adobo sauce $1.99 Stop & Shop
-Butter (already had)
-Salt (already had)

Total: $3.97

Are you ready for this? Potato & leek gratin!

I love leeks. I love potatoes. I love cheese. This was destined to be a winner right from the start. It was easy, too. First you chop some leeks and sautee them in butter until they get all translucent and irresistible. Then you layer thinly sliced potatoes in a casserole dish, cover them with the leeks, then some grated cheese, then more potatoes, more leeks, etc. When all the layers are in, you pour a mixture of cream and vegetable broth over the top and bake it until the potatoes are cooked and it's all bubbly and amazing. 

It's not pretty, it goes straight to your hips, and it was a little runny, but boy oh boy was this delicious. Bean absolutely loved this and ate, easily, half of the casserole all on her own. For a tiny girl she can hold a shocking amount of potato and cheese. 

Supply List:
-Potatoes $3.38 Whole Foods
-Leeks $0.96 Whole Foods
-Cream $4.19 Whole Foods
-Gruyere (already had)
-Butter (already had)
-Vegetable broth (already had)

Total: $8.53

Okay, hold onto your hats. I saved the best for last. French onion soup casserole! Yeah, you heard me.

Nobody likes slicing onions, and for this dish you have to slice a lot of them. But, it is absolutely worth it. Slicing the onions is the only real effort required. Once they are sliced, you just throw them in a pan with some butter and let them cook until your house smells amazing, then throw them in a dish with a sauce made of cream of mushroom soup, milk, and a little soy sauce (Yes, soy sauce. I thought it was weird, too, but go with it.) Then you mix in oodles of grated cheese, top with slices of French bread, sprinkle on more cheese, and bake. 

Oh my goodness... just look at it...
I don't have the words to adequately describe this dish. It's amazing. Fantastic. Delicious. Fucking brilliant. Who knew?

Supply List:
-Onions $3.99 Whole Foods
-Cream of Mushroom $2.00 Whole Foods
-French bread $1.99 Stop & Shop
-Butter (already had)
-Milk (already had)
-Soy Sauce (already had)
-Gruyere (already had)

Total: $7.98


  1. have you considered linking to the pin or to the website to make it easier for readers to do it, too?

    1. If you look up top under the Living Pinterestingly banner, there are links to my pinboards, where everything I've done is pinned. :-)